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Stockwell Primary

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Whole School Letters

Welcome to our school letters section. We greatly value the important of good communication with our parents and carers. Writing to you regularly is one of the important ways in which we do this. Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.


PDF icon JSF Newsletter July 2019

PDF icon Leadership

PDF icon Express Bike Market

PDF icon Peddle My Wheels

PDF icon Summer Letter

PDF icon SATS Letter

PDF icon School Term And Holiday Dates 2019-2020

PDF icon Tucasi Online Payment

PDF icon Coffee Morning

PDF icon The Lunchtime Experience - Halal Meat

PDF icon Ofsted Inspection January 2019

PDF icon Parent Consultation Letter

PDF icon Safe Use Of Social Media

PDF icon Parent Calendar

PDF icon Winter Fair Plan

PDF icon Tucasi

PDF iconSchool Photo Letter

PDF icon Reading Volunteers

PDF icon PTA Coffee Morning


Weekly School  Information

 PDF icon Taking Stock 05.07.2019

 PDF icon Taking Stock 28.06 .2019

 PDF icon Taking Stock 14.06.2019

 PDF icon Taking Stock 07.06.2019

 PDF iconTaking Stock 17.05.2019

PDF icon Taking Stock 10.05.2019

PDF icon Taking Stock 03.05.2019

PDF icon Taking Stock 05.04.2019

PDF icon Taking Stock 22.03.2019

PDF icon Taking Stock 29 03 2019




PDF icon Parent Consultation

PDF icon Coffee Morning Flyers

PDF icon Winter Fair

PDF icon School Closed Flyers

PDF icon UIFSM Poster

PDF icon Winter Fair Poster

PDF icon Reading Drop In and Parent



PDF icon EYFS Letter Sports Day



PDF icon RA Trip Wildlife Centre

PDF icon RB Trip Wildlife Centre

PDF icon RC Trip Wildlife Centre

PDF icon RA Trip To Horniman Museum

PDF icon RB Trip To Horniman Museum

PDF icon RC Trip To Horniman Museum

PDF icon RA,RB & RC Trip To Horniman Museum




 PDF icon Museum of Childhood 1A

 PDF icon Museum of Childhood 1B

 PDF icon Museum of Childhood 1C

PDF icon 1C School Trip To London Eye

PDF icon Year 1 Transition Meeting

PDF icon 1A - Trip To Toy Museum

PDF icon 1A - Trip ToHorniman Museum

PDF icon 1B - Trip To Horniman Museum

PDF icon 1C - Trip To Horniman Museum

PDF icon 1A - Trip To Seience Museum

PDF icon 1B And 1C - Trip_To Science Museum



PDF icon Year 2A and 2B - School Trip To The Tower Of London

PDF icon Year 2 London Fire Brigade Museum

PDF icon Year 2 Trip To The Science Museum



PDF icon Year 3 - Trip To The Science Museum

PDF icon Year 3A -Trip To Hyde Park

PDF icon Year 3B - Trip To Hyde Park

PDF icon Year 3C - Trip To Hyde Park



PDF icon Year 4 - School Trip To Brockwell Park

PDF icon Year 4 - Trip To The Science Museum

PDF icon Year 4 - Trip To Regent’s Park Mosque

PDF icon Year 4 - School Trip To Pizza Express



PDF icon Year 5 - Trip To The Science Museum

PDF icon Year 5 - Swimming

PDF icon Year 5B - 5C Assembly Swap

PDF icon Year 5A - 5B Parent Consultation Reschedule

PDF icon Year 5A,5B & 5C Trip to Imperial War Museum




PDF icon Year 6 - Residential Trip To Sayers Croft

PDF icon Year 6B - Class Assembly

PDF icon Year 6 - Trip To Parliament